Gain peace of mind and fresh start bouncing back after life's biggest setbacks

Buying or selling a house does not have to be so difficult. Bad things happen to good people. Life throws us curveballs. But there are solutions to the common challenges we may be confronted with.


Solutions for Sellers

Avoid or stop foreclosure

If you have equity, we can help you avoid or stop foreclosure by buying your house. Your next step would be to call us or submit your property information online. We will do a free home value analysis to determine how much of your equity we can save.

If you owe more on the property than we can buy it for, your best option might be to do a short sale. It's possible to do a “seller assisted short sale" through us without the need for your bank’s approval or cooperation. Otherwise, you may need to do a traditional short sale by listing your property with a real estate agent. Submit your property information and we will help you explore your options.  

Solutions for common seller challenges

Most of the real estate we buy are NOT distressed properties or from desperate sellers. We can simply help most sellers avoid the uncertainty, costs and hassles they might traditionally expect to deal with.

A quick and easy sale can be great if your house is:

  • Too far from family or new job

  • Too much trouble to keep maintained

  • Too big or small for your needs


But we might also be your best solution when faced with these types of life challenges:

  • Family health crisis

  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy

  • Vacancy and tenant problems

  • Loss of job or business income

  • Costly repairs, maintenance or remodeling

  • High utility or commuting expenses

  • Collections, liens and judgments

  • Probate and inherited property

  • Divorce or ended relationship

 How can we help? Submit your property details or give us a call today to find out!


Solutions for Buyers

It’s possible to buy or rent a home from us even if you’ve had a recent foreclosure, bankruptcy, IRS tax lien or career change. So choose one of our homes you’d like to move into and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. Explore our list of property available. If you don’t find one you want now, then submit a home buyer interest form to be placed on our VIP Buyers List to receive updates when new homes become available.


Repairing or rebuilding your credit takes time. And we can give you that time while you're living in the home you've chosen to buy. 

There are several things we can do to help in the meantime. Upon request we can…

  1. Refer you to a legitimate 6 to 12 month credit repair program

  2. Report your monthly payments to a credit bureau

  3. Submit mortgage or rental verification report to a future lender


Also, get our free special report on “How to Boost or Fix Your Credit Scores