How to buy a great new home without bank qualifying or large down payment

We sell and rent homes we own.  Discover how to move into a new home fast regardless of credit, job history or provable income... even with no money down.

Buying a House

Buy a Home without Bank Qualifying

We're professional real estate investors. Each month we offer a list of properties we own "for sale by owner" or for rent. If you’re looking to move into a new home (or buy investment property) we can offer some very attractive and popular Buyer Programs that can help solve many of the biggest challenges home buyers face today, especially during these unpredictable economic times.

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Search our list of homes available now. They tend to go very fast so -- if we don’t have a property that you’re interested in now -- be sure to join our VIP Buyers List and be notified or called first when new opportunities become available. You may also want request our free special report on "How to Buy a House without Bank Qualifying."

Creative Financing Programs

We specialize in offering several attractive and creative programs to help you quickly move into a new home you want, even if you have hard to prove income, short job history, small down payment or damaged credit.


The programs available for a property are usually mentioned in the description when it’s added to our list of homes available. Some buyer assistance programs are not based on the property but are instead available or recommended based on your unique situation. Join our VIP Buyers List and we'll work to match you up with a property that meets your needs and desires.

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Move into the Home You Want Fast

Check out our list of available property to find the right home. Then contact us and arrange to go see it by appointment -- or on your own. If it's the home for you, submit a Home Buyer Interest Form and let’s discuss. We’ll then do anything we can to make it all happen.


Here are some of our popular Buyer Programs that might help get into the property you want to buy or rent…


Owner Financing... No Banks Needed

With enough consideration paid down in cash or through trade, we can be your lender and give you immediate home ownership. The amount we require down and annual interest rate on your home loan mainly depends on:


  • The flexibility we have with the specific property you want, and

  • Which other programs we're also applying to make our deal work for you


Rent Now, Close Later

If you want to buy one of our homes but need time before closing with owner financing or a permanent bank loan, we can usually rent it to you until you close. That could be a few weeks to a few years, whatever will support you. Many times we can apply part of your monthly rent towards your purchase so you can build equity over time -- until you close.


Down Payment Assistance

Do you have little or no money to put down to buy a house?


Depending on the property (and your situation) we might be able to let you build up a down payment over time. Then you'd rent the home until you close with traditional bank financing or with our flexible owner financing. We also offer the Sweat Equity and Trading for Equity programs below....


Sweat Equity Program

Interested in a fixer upper? When we have a home that needs work to make it really nice, many times we can offer a "limited-window" for you to buy it "as is" before we fix it up. The property may need cleaning... or carpet and paint... or a whole lot more.


This is a great opportunity to build equity or down payment doing the work yourself -- or hiring our own contractors. Complete the repairs or remodeling before you move in, or sometimes after. Plus… you’ll get to fix it up how you want... a nice option since it will be your home!


Check out our current list of properties for sweat equity opportunities available now. If you don’t find one (they go fast) be sure to join our VIP buyers list today.

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Trading for Equity

We doubt you’ll ever find a more flexible and creative seller than us! What do you got to trade? Do you own another property you want to sell? We buy and trade houses! Do you have real estate equity you’d like to tap into without selling? Perhaps we can use that. Do you own real estate notes, gold or other cool stuff we might want?


We’ll consider anything that’s desirable and of value to us -- including professional services, vehicles, etc. First find a home you want from our list available homes and let’s talk. If we don't have one you're interested in now, join our VIP Buyers List to receive priority updates.


Buy with No Money Down

There are still ways to buy a home from us with no money down, even after all the new rules imposed since banking and credit crisis began. If you can qualify now for FHA or VA financing, there are approved methods that allow us to sell to you with no money down. Or we can get you into a home now without making a cash down payment with our trading for equity or sweat equity programs described above.

When can you qualify for a new FHA, VA or conventional loan? Call us today or submit a Home Buyer Interest Form and upon request we will refer you to a licensed residential mortgage professional who can pre-qualify you now -- or help you create a game plan for getting a home loan later.


Is Now a Good Time to Own?

What are you waiting for? For home prices to settle down -- or take off? Good economic times? Changes within the government? Stock market to rebound? It could be a long wait. Who knows?


We believe responsible home ownership is still the American dream. Whether you rent until close, buy with owner financing or get a new bank loan now... the benefits of buying a home usually outweigh any reasons for spending your hard earned income just on rent. When you buy from us you can...

Family in the Kitchen

•  Fix up your home -- how you want

•  Build equity each month -- even if renting until you close later

•  Receive bigger tax refunds -- by deducting mortgage interest

•  Lock-in the purchase price -- for potential appreciation

•  Build, improve or establish your credit

•  And more!

Improve or Repair Your Credit

Bad things happen to good people. Upon request, we can establish a payment history by having us report your rent or house payments to a credit bureau. Second, when you’re ready to buy or refinance your home, we can provide a rent or mortgage verification report to your lender that can help get your new loan approved. Finally, whether you "rent until close" or buy with owner financing, we can give you the time you might need now to:

•  Clear up marks on your credit report

•  Take care of outstanding bills

•  Establish more time on a job

•  Prove self-employment income

•  Cash out of an investment

•  Sell your current home

•  Or whatever else time will do for you


Find a Good Mortgage Broker

When we can offer you owner financing, we don't want to be your lender forever. And maybe you can already qualify and not know it! So in any case, you need to find a good, reliable mortgage professional who can give you straight answers on what you can do now -- or in the future.


They should help you establish a game plan for improving your ability to qualify, and can sometimes help you boost up your credit scores.


Submit a Home Buyer Interest Form if you want names of a few mortgage brokers we've had good experiences with. The good news is that you can be working with a professional on getting a future loan while living in your new home!

Closing a Deal

Want to avoid making double house payments? Would you like to use the equity in another house as a down payment, even before it sells? Many of our buyers are downsizing, upsizing, relocating or seeking a fresh new start. Discover how you (or someone you know) can quickly and easily sell a home without relying on real estate agents, mortgage brokers and banks. 

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