About Us

We are a full time, full service, family owned, Real Estate Investment Company and we invest in real estate in Florida. We are serving Sellers, Buyers and Investors throughout the East Coast Area. The owner of the company – Valeria (Valerie) Mitchell is an active member of Boca Real Estate Investors Association (BRIC) and a licensed real estate professional.


We are business professionals focused on helping homeowners meet their needs.


With our partners we have been involved in over 300 real estate deals over our real estate career. Our investment roots are mainly in East coast of South Florida. With our partners we have more than 25 years of combined experience in Real Estate.


Our advertising is mostly done through mailing campaigns. We send out mailings to targeted areas usually by zip code areas. Perhaps you have seen one of our postcards, door post-it notes, newspaper adds, or flyers.


Our Training and Experience

With our partners we have over 3,100 hours of real estate and investment specific training to our credit. These range from the local Real Estate club sponsored guest speakers, specialist trainings, university level and business professional courses, as well as continuing education required by the state.

What does this mean to you? Well, first of all we have a very high success rate for closed transactions. In other words, when working with us you don’t have to worry about getting a week away from closing and the deal falling through. We have excellent referrals and references. Our reputation and company history are important to us, and we treat everyone with respect, fairness, and honesty.


How We Can Help You

We pride ourselves on our creativity and ability to help sellers, buyers and investors discover solutions to their situations. Often, we provide help that doesn't immediately profit us. We feel,  if we serve and help people meet their goals, the same kindness will be returned to us. Ask anyone who’s worked with us, in fact, you can read some of our testimonials below.


We offer solutions to real estate challenges. We look for answers outside the box. Every real estate situation is different, and so many real estate people take the same old approach to each deal. We don't do that. We take into consideration your unique set of circumstances, your goals, the current real estate market, and both of our needs. By considering everything, we can come up with a creative solution to solve your real estate problem. Now, how do we do that? It depends. Keep reading.

How Does It All Work

The first thing we have to do is gather information from you. The more we know, and the more open and honest you are with us about your situation and needs, the more likely we can create a plan that will work for both of us. After we gather this information, then we go to work on creating a solution for you.


Second, when working with a Seller, we have to see the house.


  • It is important that all people on the deed be at this meeting

  • At this meeting we will be coming up with a plan to get your home sold, and making you an offer. If the offer is going to meet your needs, great - we'll sign the paperwork and you can consider your house SOLD! If our offer won't work for you, no problem, we'll part as friends and hopefully you'll have gotten some ideas from us to help you pursue other options.


Keep in mind, we buy houses in their "AS IS" condition. You don't have to worry about cleaning up for us. We've seen it all! We just need to determine what work will be needed, so we can consider that in our offer.



We are professional, experienced, educated, licensed, and keen on working to see that all involved parties have a win-win experience! If your property qualifies and we come out to see it, we will provide you with a firm written offer.


We'll explain everything to you in plain, everyday English. We'll be 100% direct, clear and honest with you... from start to finish.


Please consider working with us to resolve your real estate and related matters. Thank you for your interest in our business and your trust in us!!



Again, I cannot thank you enough for courtesy and kindness you have shown. I worked in a car rental company for years and very rare do you find true service like you give

David, Coral Springs

Valeria Mitchell is the finest person I can say is a professional. . - Polite - Well informed on housing market - Well informed on the process  - Reminded me of details needed for closing - I came to trust her and felt comfortable knowing she would assist me with any question I asked. She is spot on!! Thank You

Helena, Deerfield Beach

Valeria is the truly best you can find. Buying a home is not a $100 purchase, therefore, I had lots of questions for her. She was always on top of the situation answering very quickly. Valeria is a very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone without any doubts

Lana, Boca Raton